• Arapahoe
    Arapahoe Indians on parade in Denver.
  • Bike
    Penny Farthing bicycle from the past, and a contemporary bike 120 years later.
  • Buffalo Bill
    Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show as performed at the Denver Performing Arts Center.
  • Canaletto
    St Mark’s Campanile overlaid onto Denver’s D&F Tower.
  • Carla Madison
    Carla Madison was a Denver Councilwoman who thought bikes and scooters were cool.
  • Dome Lady
    The original design of the Capital Dome included a  revealing statue of Justice.
  • Earliest Home
    Unused postcard created by William H.H. Larimer depicting the first house in Denver the residence of General Larimer built in 1858.
  • Footballers
    Footballers from the Denver Athletic Club.
  • Hotel Deleted
    This hotel once stood here.
  • Mansion
    The Chenovitch house on the corner of 14th and Curtis Street. By 1915 its a boarding house, engulfed in other buildings, including a laundry on the corner.
  • Map
    Bird’s eye view of the city of Denver, Colorado. 1882
  • Mastodon
    A mastodon saunters along an imagined 14th Street, the mountains visible in the background.
  • Physicians Building
    Originally, Fourteenth Street was known for the doctor’s offices that were found there.
  • Skateboarders
    Skateboarders in the Galleria! O no!
  • Snowball Fight
    At the 1908 Denver Democratic Convention, snow was brought down from the hills so the senators could have a snowball fight.
  • Streetscene
    A streetscene on 14th Street in about 1908. Bicycles, horse and carts, early cars and pedestrians. The old Town Hall in the background.
  • Telegraph Ladies
    The Telegraph Ladies that once worked at the switchboard at the Telephone Building in Denver.
  • Tennis Players
    There used to be a tennis club on the corner of Court Place and 14th Street.
  • Tightrope Walker
    M’lle Carolista the Tightrope Walker. 1861
  • Totalism
    The building was once the school administration building, and so the site of demonstrations for racial integration.
  • Town Hall Riot
    A crowd stands on Market Street near City Hall, part of the “City Hall War” a dispute over Fire and Police Board appointments. 1894, March 15.
  • Tram
    The tramway garage on Arapahoe Street during the Denver Tramway strike. Now an exclusive hotel.